Portable Outdoor Shower Set
Portable Outdoor Shower Set
Portable Outdoor Shower Set
Portable Outdoor Shower Set
Portable Outdoor Shower Set
Portable Outdoor Shower Set

Portable Outdoor Shower Set

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Take the most COMFORTABLE, EFFORTLESS shower even you are in a camping or on a road trip!
This powered handheld shower easily transforms bucket of water into comfortable water stream in rainfall mode. Specially designed with an adjustment knob for easy control of water pressure
Install with suction cup & S-hook to hang the shower on the car window, tree branch etc. to enjoy hands-free shower. Also features a built-in water filtration system that filtrates water to get clean shower water in seconds.


  • For Indoors & Outdoors
    Great for hiking, camping, BBQ, travel, summer vacation and any outdoor activity. Also works for kid bathing, plants flowering, pet cleaning etc.

  • Portable & Lightweight
    All shower parts can be disassembled for easy packing.
  • Advanced Water Filtration
    With a built-in water filtration system, it cleans the water while the shower is in use and will not affect the flow of water.
  • Stable Water Flow
    The water pump is turbocharged, providing strong water pressure and maintaining the volume at 2.5L/min - Just like having a shower at home.
  • Hands-free Shower
    It comes with S-hook and suction cup to hang the shower for an efforless shower experience.

  • No Water Leakage
    Made of high quality materials with 2 rubber seals to prevent leakage.
  • Easy to Use
    Simply put the shower pump into water and turn on the power to transform water into comfortable shower stream. No extra tool required.
  • Universal
    Fits for any 12V car cigarette socket, you can take a shower anytime and anywhere. 
  • Submersible pump with 2m hose.
  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Current: 3A
  • Power: 35W-60W
  • Pipe Length: 2m / 6.56ft
  • Line Length: 5m / 16.4ft

  • 1 x DC 12V Car Shower 
  • 1 x S-hook
  • 1 x Suction Cup
  • 2 x Waterproof Rubber Rings

  1. The water temperature should not exceed 40℃.
  2. Keep away from fire when using.
  3. Never use hot water, gasoline or gas.
  4. After use, the water remaining in the water pump and the pipe must be removed.